A Cryptocurrency founded on a Bachelor Thesis and developed with the Community in mind. We want to implement Community features from various technologies to grow as a whole. Join the DOMO Community, connect with likeminded and discover a whole new Level within a truly autonomous Community! YOU decide where DOMO will go next, donĀ“t hesitate and get in touch with us!



Coming Soon!

Why DOMOcoin?

Fair Launch

Domocoin is launched with fairness in mind. We are doing a Pre-Announcement Phase, so people have enough time to prepare for the official launch. There is NO PREMINE

Community oriented Development

The Community decides where to go next. By listening to the most important part of a Currency, the users, we will only implement what you really want


Setup your Masternode with just 1000 DOMO and receive 1 DOMO per Block (shared with other Masternode owners)

X11 + PoS

Combining the best of two Algorithms to build a truly useful Cryptocurrency. Anonymity features from X11 combined with Proof of stake functionalities

Limited Mining

Domocoin has a limited mining Period of ~1month. Collect your Coins with 2 DOMO each Block. After Mining-Phase is over the Chain will fork to a PoS solution

Low Amount and fast Blocks

There will be only 1.000.000 DOMO in existence. Blocks are generated every 30 seconds